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Cathy & Eric Thompson are a young married couple: both are concert pianists.  I've seen them perform at a Dean Lesher Hall in Walnut Creek, at Antioch's First Congregational Church, & at their beautiful home in Brentwood on their 2 grand pianos, one of which is a Steinway.

They are both outstanding piano virtuosos, playing music by Bach, Chopin, Schumann, Brahms, & more recent composers. Between numbers they share fascinating historical tidbits, & their personalities are as laid-back as their virtuoso playing is superb!

They are having a soiree (at-home concert) on May 16, 7:30PM & on Sunday, May 18, 3:30PM in their MUSIC & WINE series. It's FREE to all under 12, & only $10/students, $20/general admission.  Their phone # to RSVP is 925-513-7156.

I didn't know all their historical information, tho I'm a professional
musician (harp).  They not only have great technics but topnotch expression AND they are so well coordinated they seem to breathe as one & play perfectly together.

It's like being at a concert by Franz Liszt, or Mozart (whom Eric
uncannily resembles) in the 18th or 19th centuries...

I've encouraged Eric to do more composing, because I heard a choral work he'd written, & it was EXCELLENT.

Five Stars to Eric & Cathy Thompson, & their Piano Duo called POLYHYMNIA!

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